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Standing Orders Turned to Sleeping Orders? Mathira MP Set to Marry Murang’a Woman Rep


Standing Orders Turned to Sleeping Orders? Mathira MP Set to Marry Murang’a Woman Rep

Love is in the air in Kenyan politics! Mathira MP set to tie the knot with Murang’a Woman Rep, turning Standing Orders into Sleeping Orders.

Kenya’s Parliament has been hit by a love bug as two MPs from different constituencies, Mathira MP Eric wa Mumbi and Murang’a Woman Representative Betty Maina, are set to formalize their relationship in a wedding ceremony.

Mathira MP Eric wa Mumbi and Muranga Woman Representative Betty Maina
Mathira MP Eric wa Mumbi and Murang’a Woman Rep Betty Maina, PHOTO FILE | KNK

The two lovebirds have been living together informally and will now unite in an event that will have Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua leading a bride price negotiation entourage from Mathira, while Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro will play host on behalf of Ms Maina’s delegation in Murang’a.

In an interview on Inooro TV, Mr Wa Mumbi said that he met Ms Maina in 2021 and “I discovered that she had everything I wanted in a wife”.

The couple has each been dealt with serious blows in their past relationships, with Mr Wa Mumbi losing his wife in 2020 while Ms Maina’s marriage failed due to her young and naive age.

According to former Gatanga MP Nduati Ngugi, who knows both leaders, they have raw courage and pursue their goals with ruthless tenacity.

The fact that they have slipped into each other’s lives so effortlessly is not surprising. Mr Ngugi wished them every success and considers their relationship to be a classic case of focus and inspiration.

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Mr Wa Mumbi’s loyalty to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and President Dr William Ruto paid off, and he won the Mathira MP seat with 49,377 votes while Ms Maina triumphed in Murang’a with 278,443 votes.

It was after they were elected that Ms Maina first announced their blossoming love on Facebook. In a recent interview with Jeff Kuria TV, she said the marriage failed because she got into it when she was young and naive.

The formalization of the relationship between the two members of parliament, who have each been dealt serious blows in their past relationships, is something worthy of celebration, at least according to Mr Ngugi.

It’s amazing that two people who have suffered relationship setbacks can come together in their loneliness and form a long-term bond for the benefit of their children.

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