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Son Stabs Mother Multiple Times in a Shocking Attempted Murder

Son Stabs Mother Multiple Times in a Shocking Attempted Murder


Son Stabs Mother Multiple Times in a Shocking Attempted Murder

A shocking incident of attempted murder in Nairobi City as 22-year-old Arvin Amuhanda Shayuga stabs his own mother in their home.

In a shocking and heart-wrenching incident that has left many in the Dagoretti Area of Nairobi City reeling, a 22-year-old man has been arraigned in court for allegedly stabbing his own mother several times in an attempt to take her life.

According to court documents retrieved from the Dagoretti Magistrate Court, Arvin Amuhanda Shayuga is said to have intentionally threatened to kill his mother, Beatrice Ayuma, by ambushing her with a kitchen knife while she was in her bedroom.

Son Stabs Mother Multiple Times in a Shocking Attempted Murder
Arvin Amuhanda Shayuga, PHOTO | KNK

The accused son allegedly forced his mother to undress before stabbing her repeatedly, causing serious injuries to various parts of her body.

The incident, which took place late in the evening, has left the victim nursing serious injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital.

On the other hand, the accused son was subsequently arrested and arraigned in court, where he was charged with attempted murder.

During the court proceedings, the principal magistrate, Ann Mwangi, read out the charges against the accused, stating:

“You are accused of attacking the woman who is known to be your mother while she was in her bedroom. You allegedly forced Beatrice Ayuma to undress before stabbing her using a knife.”

Ann Mwangi

The case has been adjourned to April 17, 2023, for further directions, leaving many in the community reeling with shock and disbelief.

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The incident has raised concerns about the rising cases of domestic violence and the need for communities to come together to address such issues.

It is a stark reminder that more needs to be done to ensure that victims of domestic violence receive the support they need to leave violent situations.

As we wait for the next court date, our thoughts and prayers are with Beatrice Ayuma and her family during this difficult time.

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