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Ruto Is Sending Kenyan Police to Haiti for Money, US Envoy Claims

President William Ruto and Former Haiti Prime Minister


Ruto Is Sending Kenyan Police to Haiti for Money, US Envoy Claims

Ruto Is Sending Kenyan Police to Haiti for Money, US Envoy Claims

The recent announcement by former United States Envoy to Haiti, Dan Foote, regarding Kenya’s deployment of its police force to the troubled Caribbean nation has sparked a flurry of reactions among Kenyans.

Allegations of the mission being driven primarily by financial interests rather than humanitarian concerns have stirred public debate, casting doubts on President William Ruto’s priorities.

President William Ruto and Former Haiti Prime Minister
Former Haiti Prime Minister and President William Ruto (Right). | Courtesy.

In October, amidst escalating gang violence in Haiti, Kenya agreed to spearhead a United Nations-authorized international police force aimed at restoring order in the embattled nation.

However, the plan faced legal hurdles, with Kenya’s High Court deeming it unconstitutional due to a lack of “reciprocal agreements” between the two countries.

Despite this setback, President Ruto reiterated Kenya’s commitment to the mission, contingent upon the formation of a transitional presidential council in Haiti.

Former U.S. Special Envoy for Haiti, Dan Foote, didn’t mince words when he labelled Kenya’s involvement in Haiti as “more of a cash grab by President Ruto.”

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This blunt assessment has resonated with many Kenyans, who are grappling with the notion that the government’s decision might be motivated more by financial incentives than genuine humanitarian concerns.

Following a report by Citizen Television, citizens have rallied behind Foote’s candid appraisal. There’s a prevailing sentiment that someone needed to confront President Ruto with the unadulterated truth. That the deployment seems to prioritize monetary gains over the welfare of Kenyan police personnel.

The consensus is clear: the president’s preoccupation with financial interests has overshadowed the pleas of other stakeholders to reconsider sending law enforcement officers to Haiti.

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