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Reject Finance Bill 2024: Compiled List of All MPs’ Numbers – Call Them Now

Reject Finance Bill 2024 Compiled List of All MPs' Numbers - Call Them Now


Reject Finance Bill 2024: Compiled List of All MPs’ Numbers – Call Them Now

In this article, I have presented you with a compiled list of all MPs’ phone numbers. Call them now and tell them to reject Finance Bill 2024 in totality. These individuals are your local MPs, and you must contact them before Tuesday.

You might not be aware of why many Kenyans are calling for the rejection of the Finance Bill especially if you haven’t read part or all of it. And so, lemme do the Lord’s work. I am going to provide you with at least 9 significant drawbacks of the proposed Finance Bill 2024.

There are numerous issues with this bill, and as the online community, we are exhausted by it. Last year in Parliament, MPs unanimously supported the finance bill, resulting in the shutdown of numerous businesses, heightened poverty, people and companies shuttering their shops due to closures, and various other problems.

Among the worst proposals in the finance bill 2024 are:

Reject Finance Bill 2024 Compiled List of All MPs' Numbers - Call Them Now
File Photo: Toon of Cow being over milked, representing an overtaxed citizen. | Courtesy.

1. Telephone, Data, and Money Transfer Excise Duty from 15% to 20%.

This means that the cost of internet services and money transfer charges will skyrocket. This will affect all those who work online, run businesses, and rely on online transactions via paybill and Lipa na Mpesa or bank.

It will also affect common Kenyan consumers; when making any transaction, the cost of sending and withdrawing money will be high. This is punitive and should be rejected because it will make life harder than it already is.

2. Motor Vehicle Tax at 2.5% per annum.

This proposed tax on vehicles still can’t be justified by any of the people in power. During an interview with Citizen TV, the PS Treasury Dr. Chris Kiptoo couldn’t explain why they’re proposing this tax, bearing in mind that all vehicles in Kenya are slapped with import duty immediately after importation into Kenya.

The vehicle owners also get charged fuel levy whenever the vehicle is refueled. All of these are taxation measures already in place. Now, proposing a new tax of 2.5% on every car from nowhere without justification should be enough proof that this whole bill is a complete sham and should be rejected in totality.

The proposed motor vehicle tax will have individuals paying from at least Ksh5000 to Ksh100,000 in addition to the 4% insurance cover already in place! This means that the total deduction will be 6.5% (minimum).

3. Import Declaration Fee to Increase from 2.5% to 3%.

We all know that Kenya majorly relies on imported commodities for consumption. Increasing the import declaration fee will only mean one thing to the common citizen: life will be harder for both salaried and non-salaried Kenyans. The only option is to #RejectFinanceBill2024.

4. Affordable Housing Relief to Be Scrapped.

The previous finance bill had politicians shoving affordable housing down the throats of every Kenyan. They even had a housing levy relief of 15% per month put in place, which was capped at Ksh.9000.

Now, with this bill, they’re scrapping it. That only means that all the weight falls back on you, employed or unemployed Kenyan. You will feel the weight whether directly or indirectly. The only way out of this is to call your MP to reject the finance bill 2024.

5. Eco Levy on Diapers, Office Machines, Phones, Microphones, Speakers, etc.

Anyone looking to have a kid should rethink it because the price of diapers is going to increase. Unless you want to go back to using napkins like back in the day.

This should be rejected in totality. Is this part of population control? Let me leave it at that before I get called a conspiracy theorist. Just ensure that you are on your MP’s neck for him or her to reject the finance bill 2024 in totality.

6. VAT on Bread.

They are already terming bread as a ‘luxury good’ just so they can justify the proposed VAT. Some comrades survive on bread while in campus, not to mention school kids. If they force this policy through, it will see the price of bread go way higher than it is right now.

7. KRA to Be Exempted from the Data Protect Act.

This is a bad one. Allowing KRA to snoop on everybody is a privacy infringement. This will allow KRA to access your Mpesa statement in one click or two without your consent.

They will also monitor every transaction you make, messages you send and receive, etc. It is unacceptable and should be rejected. Call your MP now and tell him or her to #Rejectfinancebill2024 in totality.

8. VAT on Banking Services.

This is going to make banking very expensive. Assuming you want to open a bank account and have a debit card for the same, you will have to pay VAT for that.

If you take a loan from any bank, it will also be subject to VAT. Doing cheque clearance will also mean that you will be charged VAT! What on this earth will we be left with? “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY.” Call your MP now!

9. All Businesses Are Going to Transact Through E-Tims.

This one is crazy. When starting your own business, the government didn’t provide you with capital. In fact, the government took more from you in the form of taxes and licensing.

Now, the same government is also trying to come up with a policy that the small or big business you are running should perform all its transactions through E-Tims. If you fail to comply, you will be subjected to a 2 million Ksh fine per month!

What does this mean? It only means that all small businesses won’t be able to survive in this kind of environment. This is bad and should be done away with in totality. Call, SMS, or WhatsApp your MP now and tell him to #Respectyourhustle and #Rejectfinancebill2024.

10. VAT on Cancer Prevention and Treatment Resources.

This will significantly affect our loved ones battling Cancer – our brothers, sisters, parents, and friends. As cancer is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, the supporters of this financial bill will face a stark reality.

Here are the contacts of your area MPs. Call them and tell them that you didn’t elect them to work for IMF or William Ruto. You elected them to defend your rights and amplify your cries. Tell them that you are their employer. Tell them that if they fail to work for you, they will meet you in the streets in 2027. Tell that MP to reject the finance bill 2024 in totality!

1.Irene KasaluKitui0722926237
2.Edith NyenzeKitui West0722259148
3.Makali MuluKitui Central0722809837
4.Boni MwalikaKitui Rural0722226967
5.Rachael KakiKitui South0720451803
6.Nimrod MbaiKitui East0722214930
7.Charles NgunaMwingi West0722670675
8.Gideon MulyungiMwingi Central0727836884
9.Paul NzenguMwingi North0724253946
10.Samuel AramaNakuru Town0720101074
11.David GikariaNakuru East0720203097
12Maisori KitayamaKuria East0715161462
13.Mathias RobiKuria West0722551047
14.Paul AbuorRongo 0717036457
15.Ken AramatNarok East0722273218
16.Gabriel TongoyoNarok West0722295545
17.Agness PareyioNarok North0722844646
18.Innocent ObiriBobasi0736438325
19.Abraham KirwaMosop0727504482
20.Gideon KimaiyoKeiyo South0727446755
21.Timothy ToroitichMarakwet West0723011199
22.Adams KipsanaiKeiyo North0728998091
23.Kangogo BowenMarakwet East0722314114
24.Samuel AramaNakuru West0720101074
25.Joseph TonuiKuresoi South0722652705
26.Oscar SudiKapseret0722749473
27.James MulanyaNambale0720352687
28.Peter SalasyaMumias East0714110769
29.Kimani KuriaMolo0701238845
30.Rindikiri MurwithaniaBuuri0722790555
31.Sylvanus OsoroSouth Mugirango0724662381
32.Julius Musili MawatheEmbakasi South0706000210
33.Tindi MwaleButere 0715956593
34.Yegon RichardBomet East0721217141
35.Mary EmaseTeso South0702780170
36.Gitonga MukunjiManyatta0725079947
37.Babu OwinoEmbakasi East0711111311
38.Ndindi NyoroKiharu0726871329
39.Mwangi KiunjuriKieni0721600305
40.Mohammed Tubi BiduIsiolo South0721658501
41.Pkosing IosiakouPokot South0726059817
42.Shadrack MwitiImenti South0722525011
43.Ferdinand WanyonyiKwanza0721530878
44.Caleb AmisiSaboti0726434179
45.Robert BukoseEndebess0722247503
46.Maurice BissauKiminini0706613114
47.Kitilai NtutuNarok South0722510363
48.Mary MaingiMwea0722415672
49.Malulu InjendiMalava0768116970 / 0722638376
50.Wambugu WanainaOthaya0710973921
Call or text your MP now and tell him or her to reject Finance Bill 2024 in totality.

Raila Odinga: 0733375787

William Samoei Ruto: 0722517997

Moses Wetangula: 0722517302

Musalia Mudavadi: 0733335522

They will be updated hourly with new contacts so don’t fret. If you have a missing contact any MP, drop it in the comments section or SMS/WhatsApp it to +254774260201 or email:

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