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Pastor Ezekiel’s Miracle Lands Him in Hot Water With The Law

Pastor Ezekiel's Miracle Lands Him in Hot Water With The Law


Pastor Ezekiel’s Miracle Lands Him in Hot Water With The Law

Milele Funeral Home, a prominent funeral home in Kenya, has taken Pastor Ezekiel to court for his alleged involvement in reducing the size of a black spot by performing a cleansing ritual.

This ritual allegedly reduced the area of the black spot by 50%, leading to concerns from the local community about the legality of such practices.

Pastor Ezekiel's Miracle Lands Him in Hot Water With The Law
Pastor Ezekiel Odero of The New Life Church, PHOTO FILE | KNK

The incident in question occurred in a residential area in Nairobi, where a black spot had been a cause of concern for locals due to the high number of accidents that had occurred there.

The spot was located close to a busy junction and was believed to be the cause of several fatalities. The local community had been requesting the relevant authorities to take action to reduce the size of the spot and improve road safety.

According to reports, Pastor Ezekiel, a well-known spiritual leader in Kenya, was called upon to perform a cleansing ritual at the black spot.

The ritual involved the use of holy water and prayers, and it was claimed to have reduced the size of the spot by half. The news of the ritual soon spread, and it attracted the attention of the media and the authorities.

Milele Funeral Home, which owns the land where the black spot is located, was quick to react to the news of the ritual.

The company claims that it was not aware of the ritual and that it had not given permission for it to take place on its property.

Milele Funeral Home subsequently filed a court case against Pastor Ezekiel, seeking compensation for damages caused by the ritual.

The legal battle between Milele Funeral Home and Pastor Ezekiel is ongoing, with both parties presenting their cases in court.

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Milele Funeral Home claims that the ritual caused damage to their property, while Pastor Ezekiel claims that he was acting in good faith and that he did not cause any harm to the funeral home.

The case has raised concerns about the legality of such practices, and whether they have a place in modern society.

While some people believe that spiritual practices have a role to play in addressing societal issues, others argue that they are based on superstition and have no scientific basis.

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