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Outrage as Nine-Year-Old Titus Omwenga Endures 107 Strokes of the Cane from Teacher

Outrage as Nine-Year-Old Boy Endures 107 Strokes of the Cane from Teacher for Uniform Violation, Resulting in Injuries


Outrage as Nine-Year-Old Titus Omwenga Endures 107 Strokes of the Cane from Teacher

9-year-old Titus Omwenga sustained injuries from 107 strokes of the cane by his teacher over a uniform violation at Riang’ombe Boarding Primary School in Nyamira County.

In a shocking incident that has left many parents and education stakeholders in Nyamira County baffled, a nine-year-old boy was allegedly subjected to a brutal beating by his teacher at Riang’ombe Boarding Primary School.

The victim, identified as Titus Ondari Omwenga, a grade 4 pupil at the school, sustained serious injuries from 107 strokes of the cane administered by his teacher, Jackson Marucha.

Titus Ondari Omwenga
Titus Ondari Omwenga Injuries

According to sources, the punishment was meted out to the young boy for failing to wear his uniform on Sunday.

It is reported that the teacher hid the child in the dormitory until other pupils leaked the information to a passerby during the sports day held yesterday. The incident has left parents, education stakeholders, and the community at large in shock and disbelief.

What is even more disturbing is that the teacher allegedly repeated the caning on Monday morning after the child arrived late to class.

The young boy is currently receiving treatment at Nyamira Level 5 Hospital where he is said to be in a stable condition.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of students in schools, particularly in cases where teachers use excessive force to discipline learners.

The incident is a sad reminder of the need to create safe learning environments for children, where they can learn and grow without fear of violence or harm.

As the investigation into the incident continues, many are hoping that justice will be served and that the young boy will get the support and care he needs to recover from the traumatic experience.

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