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Kabando Wa Kabando: How Raila Odinga’s Loss to Ruto Was Engineered

Kabando Wa Kabando: How Raila Odinga's Loss to Ruto Was Engineered


Kabando Wa Kabando: How Raila Odinga’s Loss to Ruto Was Engineered

Former Member of Parliament Kabando Wa Kabando has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts and reflections on the 2022 presidential election in Kenya, providing an insider’s account of the political manoeuvres, intrigue, and betrayal that characterized the campaign.

Kabando Wa Kabando: How Raila Odinga's Loss to Ruto Was Engineered
Kabando Wa Kabando William Ruto and Raila Odinga, PHOTO | KNK

In a series of tweets, Kabando alleges that Raila lost the presidency to William Ruto because of his neglect of the electorate and the presence of State House ‘mafia.’

Kabando claims that Raila’s advisors were dismissive, lazy and allowed state capture by Uhuruists, leading to Raila’s defeat in the 2022 presidential election.

He alleges that there were no presidential agents in Nyeri on August 7th, despite it being a crucial day for the opposition, and blames CS Joe Mucheru and Muhoho Kenyatta for mishandling agents’ finances.

Kabando was one of Raila’s supporters and campaigned for him throughout the election period. He claims that despite meeting Ruto and his allies several times, including MPs Kang’ata, Kuria, JayneKihara, WambuiWaRuto, Duale, and Kosittany, and being urged to join the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), he still supported Raila.

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Kabando also accuses Raila of sidelining and dismissing potential critical voices in his campaign and allowing Uhuruists to take over. This, he believes, was the primary reason why Raila lost the presidential election to Ruto.

Furthermore, Kabando states that Raila’s over-reliance on Uhuru Kenyatta to win the presidency led to his defeat. He alleges that Uhuru affirmed the presidency for Ruto, and the campaign inertia resulting from Raila’s overconfidence led to his defeat.

Kabando calls for the promotion of Kenya’s nascent constitutional democracy, offering support to Ruto where he deserves it and standing with Raila in bold programs to oppose Ruto’s excesses. Kabando believes that UDA will be a rickety and leaky era characterized by corruption, and wishes for a strong AGWAMBO.

With Ruto now at the helm, it remains to be seen how he will tackle the country’s problems, especially corruption, which Kabando predicts will escalate during his tenure

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