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Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25 in UK, Fully Funded

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25


Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25 in UK, Fully Funded

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship for the academic year 2024-25 represents an unparalleled opportunity for individuals possessing exceptional intellectual prowess and a fervent desire to enhance the well-being of others.

Established as one of the world’s preeminent scholarship programs, the Gates Scholarship aims to cultivate a dynamic community of prospective global leaders committed to catalyzing positive transformations worldwide.

Through the Gates Cambridge Trust Scholarship in the United Kingdom, students not only advance their own academic pursuits but also contribute significantly to the university’s overarching mission of promoting societal welfare.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship for international students is a visionary initiative brought to fruition by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Originating in the year 2000, this scholarship program has nurtured a cadre of influential figures who have left an indelible mark across diverse spheres of human endeavour.

Gates postgraduates have excelled in fields spanning science, technology, arts, music, and human rights, among others.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25
Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25

This multifaceted success can be attributed to the unparalleled academic resources and opportunities afforded to postgraduate scholars under the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship at Cambridge University.

This esteemed scholarship program at Cambridge University offers a total of 80 scholarships to international postgraduate students seeking to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in the United Kingdom. Notably, nearly one-third of these Gates scholars embark on the path of PhD studies.

Furthermore, this fully-funded award, situated within the United Kingdom’s foremost academic institution, serves as a nexus for talented and proficient students, collectively forming a vibrant community of Gates scholars.

This expansive network endures as a long-term resource for both personal and professional connections, extending its reach globally to aid communities through collaborative innovation.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, unwavering in its commitment to combat poverty, disease, and inequality worldwide, has allocated an impressive $120 million for this comprehensive scholarship program. This substantial contribution underscores the foundation’s steadfast dedication to advancing equity.

The fully-funded international scholarship in the United Kingdom for international students serves as a launching pad for extraordinary and skilled individuals, allowing them to access one of the world’s most prestigious universities without the burden of financial constraints.

In order to navigate the application process for this coveted Cambridge scholarship successfully, prospective candidates are encouraged to meticulously review the following instructions.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25 in the UK

Host Country: United Kingdom.
Host University: University of Cambridge.

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Degree Level

  • PhD
  • MSc/MLitt
  • One-year postgraduate course

Number of Scholarships

  • 80 full-cost scholarships

Benefits of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024-25

  • The total study cost will be covered by this scholarship.
  • An annual maintenance allowance of 20,000 will be provided.
  • The visa cost will be covered.
  • An economy class one-time airfare will be provided.
  • The cost of immigration Health Surcharge will be covered.
  • Additional academic development funds up to £500-£2000 will be given to attend conferences and other courses. However, the amount depends on the course length.
  • The scholarship covers a family allowance of up to £11,604 for one child and up to £16,548 for two or more children.
  • The scholarship also covers hardship costs or the cost of any unforeseen difficulty.
  • Fieldwork Allowance
  • Maternity/Paternity funding

Eligibility Criteria of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship UK 2024-25

  • All international graduates except UK nationals can apply.
  • The applicants must have an excellent academic background.
  • The applicant must have contacted the supervisor and be accepted by the supervisor to continue his/her research.
  • The applicant must be able to defend his/her choice of course.

How to Apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship UK 2024-25?

  • The applicant has to apply online via the University’s Graduate Application Portal.
  • The applicant first has to choose a specific course and college place.
  • Provide all the relevant details about personal data, and academic background, and plan for your course and apply for the course and college.
  • Apply for funding from the funding section. You can apply for multiple funding offered by the university and other organizations including the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
  • You can apply for as many courses as you want but you have to apply separately for each course.
  • If the course is already full, the application status will be closed even before the deadline, So apply as early as you can.

Required Documents for Gates Cambridge University Scholarship

  • Personal statement of no more than 3000 characters.
  • The PhD candidates have to submit a research proposal. Even if the application for a course or college does not require a research proposal, the Gates scholarship has this requirement as a mandatory one.
  • Three reference letters (One can be from a current employee if needed.

Gates Scholarship Application Deadline

The deadline for International students is either 5 December 2023 or 4 January 2024, depending on the course
The deadline for US citizens is 11 October 2023.


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