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Fully-Funded Scholarship Alert: Apply for Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25 Now!

Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25


Fully-Funded Scholarship Alert: Apply for Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25 Now!

The Fulbright Romania Student Award for the academic year 2024-25 is an excellent opportunity for outstanding Romanian students to pursue higher studies and research at the top institutes in the USA.

This fully-funded scholarship provides students with a chance to study in the United States for free, which is a dream come true for many students who face financial constraints.

Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25
Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25

The scholarship offers much more than just financial assistance. It provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange, allowing students to explore the exciting sites of the USA and meet intelligent people during their tenure.

As Fulbright students, they participate in multiple conferences and events, which help them to expand their network and learn from their senior alumni. They also have access to various online courses to improve their understanding and enhance their research projects.

Since its inception 76 years ago, the Fulbright Romanian Student Award has been awarded to 3400 students, and the alumni community has been growing since 1960. Fulbright alumni have their footprints in almost every field, as they are being taught by the best mentors in the world.

In recent years, many Fulbright students have also been selected as Fulbright ambassadors, adding another feather to their caps.

Currently, fifteen Fulbright alumni from leading Romanian universities have been awarded the title of “Fulbright Ambassador” by the Fulbright Commission.

This scholarship is exclusively for Romanian graduate students pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree, with excellent research proposals aligned with their services back home.

Once selected, students enter the United States’ best host institutions, providing them with career opportunities that come to the zenith.

The 2024-25 Fulbright Student Award competition for master’s study or research is, therefore, the best chance for European students to complete their research and degree with a lifetime experience.

Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25, USA

Host Country: United States of America.

Scholarship Announced By: The Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission.

Degree Level: BA, MASTERS, PhD

Benefits of the Fulbright Scholarship Award 2024-25

  • Tuition and university fees will be covered. (within established budget limits)
  • International travel will be covered.
  • The students will be provided with a monthly stipend for accommodation and living expenses.
  • The students will be provided with a books and supplies allowance.
  • The health insurance of the students will be covered which will include accident or sickness coverage.
  • The students will be provided with J-1 visa sponsorship and administration.

Eligibility of the Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25, USA

  • The student must have Romanian citizenship
  • The students who hold a green card or have dual (Romanian and U.S.) citizenship are ineligible.
  • The student must hold at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • BA students can only apply if they are in their final year of undergraduate study
  • The student must be proficient in the English language.
  • For the students who are willing to apply to Law, they must have a relevant previous degree in the field of Law.
  • The clinical students are ineligible to apply.
  • PhD students must be early-stage PhD students who are enrolled in a Romanian or European PhD program by the time of the application

How to apply for the Fulbright Romania Student Award 2024-25?

  • The candidates have to apply online at;
  • The research students must have indicated their preferences with the reasons in their online application.
  • The research proposal of the PhD students must be aligned with their actual PhD completion paper and must be linked with the situations back home.
  • The applicants have to indicate their preferred professor to whom they want to do their research and also explain why they want to work with a specific professor.
  • The reference letter or recommendation letters will be submitted directly by the referee in the online application form. The letters can be mailed assigned official paper copies directly via email (

Documents Required for the 2024-25 Fulbright, USA

  • Translated transcripts or diplomas
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Result of the English proficiency test. (only for the finalists)

Fulbright Scholarship Application Deadline

The application deadline for the 2023-2024 Fulbright Student Award in the United States is May 9, 2023.


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