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Embakasi Explosion: Gas Blast in Kenyan Capital Claims Three Lives and Injures Nearly 300

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Embakasi Explosion: Gas Blast in Kenyan Capital Claims Three Lives and Injures Nearly 300

In a devastating incident that shook the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, the Embakasi district witnessed a catastrophic explosion, resulting in the loss of three lives and injuries to nearly 300 individuals.

The incident, which occurred around 11:30 PM local time, was triggered by a gas-filled lorry, engulfing the area in a massive blaze.

Embakasi Explosion: Gas Blast in Kenyan Capital Claims Three Lives and Injures Nearly 300
Embakasi explosion fireball that has claimed lives and destoyed property. Photo | Courtesy.

Contrary to initial reports suggesting a gas plant as the epicentre, it was later clarified that the explosion originated from a lorry transporting gas. The cause is still under investigation by authorities.

Witnesses described feeling tremors immediately after the blast, as a massive fireball spread across the region, causing extensive damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles. Shockingly, a flying gas cylinder struck a garments and textiles warehouse, reducing it to ashes.

the aftermath of embakasi fires
Remains of destroyed property after Embakasi fire explosion. Photo | Courtesy.

The Kenya Red Cross played a pivotal role in responding to the emergency, swiftly treating and transporting 271 individuals to hospitals, including 25 children. Many of the injuries were related to inhalation, emphasizing the severity of the incident.

The aftermath left a trail of destruction, with numerous residential houses catching fire, small and medium-sized businesses suffering extensive damage, and vehicles being destroyed. The community has been rallying together to support those affected by this tragic event.

Emergency response teams, including firefighters and medical personnel, are tirelessly working to manage the situation. The government has set up a command centre to coordinate rescue operations, urging the public to stay away from the cordoned area to minimize disruptions.

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Nairobi county government has taken steps to alleviate the burden on victims by waiving all medical fees for those impacted by the Embakasi explosion.

Governor Johnson Sakaja expressed solidarity with the affected families and reassured them that relief efforts are underway to provide comfort and support.

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