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Eliud Owalo Urges Nyanza Residents to Support Ruto’s 2027 Election Bid


Eliud Owalo Urges Nyanza Residents to Support Ruto’s 2027 Election Bid

On Sunday, Eliud Owalo, Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communication, and Digital Economy, gave a speech in Asembo, Siaya County, where he urged Nyanza Region residents to support President William Ruto’s bid for the 2027 General Election.

Owalo explained Ruto’s strategy for winning the election and emphasized the importance of proper service delivery across the country.

Eliud Owalo Urges Nyanza Residents to Support Ruto's 2027 Election Bid
President William Ruto (Left) and Eliud Owalo (Right)

According to Owalo, Ruto’s government will form the 2027 government based on delivery to citizens. He believes that if Ruto and his appointees can successfully deliver on their campaign promises and improve the lives of Kenyan citizens, they will likely win the 2027 election with a resounding “yes.”

During his speech, Owalo also emphasized the importance of proper service delivery across the country. He noted that during Ruto’s first term, the government was robust in ensuring proper service delivery and addressing the challenges facing Kenyan citizens.

Owalo believes that this commitment to service delivery will continue during Ruto’s second term and will be a key factor in his success in the 2027 election.

To ensure Ruto’s success in the 2027 election, Owalo explained that Ruto’s appointees will work tirelessly to ensure that he delivers on his campaign promises.

Owalo himself is one of Ruto’s appointees and promised attendees at his speech that he and his colleagues are ready and willing to do everything humanly possible to make sure that the Nyanza Region sees a fundamental change in economic development during Ruto’s second term.

During his visit to the Nyanza region, Owalo promised to support farmers in the region. He met with farmers from the cotton, rice, and sugar sectors and promised to support them in increasing their productivity.

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Attendees urged the government to pass the sugar bill to make it possible for the reintroduction of the sugar development levy and board.

Earlier in the day, Owalo met with teachers’ union officials from the lake region in a bid to persuade them to ditch the opposition coalition. Owalo and other members of the ruling party are working hard to build support for Ruto’s government and ensure his success in the 2027 election.

In addition to Owalo’s visit, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General Cleophas Malala was also busy in Siaya. Malala urged residents to support Ruto’s government in fostering development.

The Nyanza Region has traditionally been a stronghold for the opposition coalition, but Owalo’s visit and other efforts by the ruling party suggest that the region may be up for grabs in the 2027 election.

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