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Breaking Down Ruto’s Ksh 100M Cabinet Salary Budget: What You Need to Know

Breaking Down Ruto's Ksh 100M Salary Budget: What You Need to Know


Breaking Down Ruto’s Ksh 100M Cabinet Salary Budget: What You Need to Know

Here is a complete breakdown of Kenya’s most expensive executive cabinet since independence.

The executive branch of President William Ruto’s administration is undoubtedly one of the most expensive ones since Kenya gained independence.

On Thursday, March 23, the Head of State announced that the creation of his administration was finished during a speech at State House Nairobi following the oath-taking of 50 Cabinet Administrative Secretaries.

Nevertheless, rather than Ruto actually forming the administration, more queries centred on the wages and costs of sustaining such an expensive Executive.

President Dr William Ruto
President Dr William Ruto. PHOTO FILE | KNK

When questioned before about why Ruto increased pressure on the nation’s wage bill by hiring 50 CASs, whose annual gross wages will cost taxpayers Ksh460 million, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua responded that the additional hires will boost economic growth.

President Ruto’s new Cabinet would cost the public Ksh103,795,526 per month in gross compensation, notwithstanding the euphoria of new appointments.

Calculations show that President William Ruto, who makes a gross salary of Ksh1,443,750, will get Ksh17,325,000 in a single year.

And his deputy Rigathi Gachagua, who makes Ksh1,227,188 pm, would receive Ksh14,726,000 in the first year and Ksh73,631,000 over the following five years.

The average wage bill for the twenty-two Cabinet Secretaries is Ksh21,252,000 per month, or Ksh255,024,000 per year, with a gross income of Ksh924,000 per month for a Cabinet Secretary.
Attorney General and Secretary to the Cabinet make a combined gross salary of Ksh924,000 each month.

The monthly gross pay for Chief Administrative Secretaries is Ksh780,000, and that of the 50CAS is Ksh39 million.

William Ruto's 50 CASs
William Ruto’s newly appointed 50 CASs. PHOTO FILE | KNK

Principal Secretaries take home a gross pay of Ksh765,000 per month, while 51 make Ksh39,025,000.

The gross remuneration for the President, his deputy, the Attorney General, the Cabinet Secretary, the Attorney General, the Cabinet Administrative Secretaries, and the Principal Secretaries total Ksh103,796, 000 per month.

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Even if SRC intends to boost the allowances for public employees, the pay bill debate is still being discussed.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, March 14, SRC suggested that the allowances given to federal officials not exceed 40% of their gross compensation.

The panel specifically aimed to boost public employees’ travel reimbursements for work-related obligations and events outside of Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nakuru.

When the new rules are put into effect, government employees who are assigned to work in outlying areas will receive a travel stipend that ranges from Ksh 1,200 to Ksh 8,000.


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